Though parents and caregivers are required to supervise their own children during open play hours, Social Play Haus is an open concept environment that offers convenient work spaces that overlook the play space and lounge areas. Children have opportunities to learn, play and socialize while parents can work or tend to tasks that are on their to-do-lists using our free wifi.

Another unique feature are the drop-in offices which are located onsite near the play area. Drop-in office packages include supervised play with a ProPlay Specialist so that working parents and caregivers can confidently jump on a mid-day conference call or meet a client in a private setting. According to CNBC about 70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week. We understand the growing needs of modern families that often include telecommuting and stay at home parents looking to build a business. These drop-in offices create opportunities for caregivers to multitask and stay productive without the home distractions.



We are temporarily adjusting our policies in response to spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) into the United States. We will continue to update as the situation evolves.

At this time all of our play sessions are by reservation only. Learn more about our reserved play sessions by clicking here. Please note: EFFECTIVE MONDAY 12/13 A New York State mask mandate will begin. Governor Kathy Hochul announced masks will be required to be worn in all indoor public places regardless of vaccinations status except for children under 2.

Effective 12/13/21 New York State is requiring  all businesses to enact more stringent safety policies and procedures in order to protect individuals against COVID-19.

Our number one priority is to always keep everyone safe and well. We have considered all the pros and cons of both options. Since our space invites children of all ages who may not have the opportunity to get vaccinated our consulting physicians have recommended that we choose the mask requirement.

Starting today December 13, 2021 we will require all guests over the age of two years (regardless of vaccination status) to wear a mask in our indoor space unless actively eating or drinking. This includes all events and private parties.

We appreciate your continued patience and support during this time. Stay safe and well!!

What exactly are the requirements?

Any person, past their second birthday and medically able to tolerate a face covering, must wear an appropriate mask while in any indoor place, regardless of vaccination status.

If eating or drinking is a part of my business or venue establishment, and I have a mask requirement in place, what am I supposed to do when guests are eating or drinking?

Patrons of your establishment can remove their masks only while they are actively eating or drinking, at which time appropriate social distancing measures, proper air ventilation, and filtration methods are highly recommended. Masks should be worn in all other instances outside of physical eating or drinking.