(Unfortunately at this time all play session are by reservations only. CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION)

SOCKS are required in the play area! Please remember to bring your own for the whole family. We do have some for sale in case they are forgotten. ($3 each plus tax).

Mask wearing is recommended. 

Our 5000 square foot space boasts a large modern play area that was designed to allow children of all abilities and skills to play and work together. Our space includes custom imagine play centers as well as ADA play structures that are environmentally friendly and great for unstructured play which is instrumental in fostering positive learning and development. Each toy was handpicked to engage young minds to be creative, develop self-expression and encourage collaborative play throughout the space. The modern dining area also has communal picnic tables to encourage conversations and positive social interactions. Fun board games and yard games are scattered throughout the space to create opportunities to have fun but to also reinforce social skills building at the same time. The play area focuses on children up to 8 years but the space boasts fun activities and board games that older kids and even adults will find interesting and fun. There is also a designated sensory play area perfect for crawlers and young toddlers to enjoy.

Focus on Pro-social Play
Our ProPlay Specialists are trained staff who will be encouraging guests to show respect, kindness and compassion in our social play haus community. These specialists will model positive social skills whenever possible and reinforce those who are able to practice and exhibit pro-social behaviors such as asking an onlooker to join in their game, attempting to console a child who is upset, or using appropriate coping tools when one is feeling angry or sad. The use of positive reinforcement and modeling behavior are powerful tools in learning and shaping positive behavior. We hope to empower young minds to be kind and compassionate leaders everywhere they go.

For children who may have difficulties with overstimulation and/or emotion regulation a “reflection room” is available to help them wind down in a cozy, neutral, low-stimulation environment. This unique feature provides a resource for children with special needs or those just having a bad day. Families are welcome to utilize the room without judgment and our supportive staff is available to help in any way we can. Although nursing caregivers are welcome and encouraged to nurse anywhere in our space, caregivers can use the reflection room, if privacy is desired. A changing nook is also available here for convenience, as well as in both of the gender-neutral restrooms.

We are committed to keeping our space safe and clean. All of our toys and surfaces are disinfected and cleaned on a daily basis. 

Please note: All of our play sessions are by reservation only. Learn more about our reserved play sessions by clicking here.