Safety Update


Dear Social Play Haus community,

As the novel coronavirus begins to affect our local communities we felt it was important to reach out to our families directly to share with you the steps we are taking at our location to help keep you, your children, our employees, and our own family safe and healthy. 

The health and safety of the families who play in our space has always been our top priority and we are closely monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. Our play space, as well as each of the toys, are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected daily as a part of our normal operating routine. We currently use, and have always used, disinfectants approved by the EPA to be effective on COVID-19.  We have 7 hand sanitization areas throughout the space (now clearly marked) and 2 bathrooms for easy access to soap and warm water. We strongly encourage hand washing with warm water and soap. In addition, we have added mandatory hand sanitizing for all guests and staff entering and leaving the play area.  We have diligently increased our sanitizing throughout the day adding spot checks especially during high traffic periods.

In addition to keeping our play space, facilities, and toys clean, we consistently use our “needs cleaning” box for all dirty and soiled items.  All staff have been trained to model good “social hygiene” such as refraining from hi-fives and fist pumps! Instead, we now practice and reinforce with elbow pumps and big hand gestures!

We are also asking for your cooperation in helping our efforts.  If you are feeling unwell, or have any nasal discharge, persistent coughing, rashes, vomiting, please refrain from visiting us.  

Based on the guidance published by various health agencies, including the CDC, we are confident that our location continues to be safe. We have added community NPI strategies as recommended by the CDC including training of staff, adding more signage of healthy hand washing throughout the space, and creating response and contingency plans.  We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and will act accordingly as we are given more information by Nassau County’s Department of Health and New York State. Be well & always practice healthy hand washing!

-Marc & Jenni, Social Play Haus Founders

Have you been thinking about how to discuss the coronavirus with your children?  As parents of two young kids, we are constantly finding ways to translate events into teachable moments.  After some exploring we found an amazing resource on NPR for parents and kids – A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus by Malaka Gharib.  It’s such a smart and engaging take on COVID-19 using facts and humor.  

Check it out!