Meet our Founders

This active husband and wife team have always been exploring and seeking new places to lounge and play with their two spunky kids Weston (6 years) and Alexia (3 years). These days it’s been much harder to enjoy weekend brunch or even multi-task when work needs to get done. So this duo decided to fill this void. Blending their passions and experiences, they created a unique space offering elements that modern families need and want.

Marc, a 15 year veteran in the corporate and customer service world, combined with his restaurant and event planning experience has funneled his creative juices to create a hip event space that balances both kid and adult cravings.  

Jenni, a licensed clinical child psychologist and busy working mom, has 15 plus years of experience working with children and families in her private practice and other clinical settings. These experiences have cultivated her vision of creating an inclusive space for children and adults to explore, socialize and learn through prosocial interactions, positive reinforcement and modeling which are the foundations of positive child psychology. The play space was designed with this in mind. Each toy was handpicked to stimulate healthy development and is utilized in traditional play therapy.


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Our Philosophy

Please note: All of our play sessions are by reservation only. Learn more about our reserved play sessions by clicking here.